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Many visitors have asked to see more photos of our dogs. Just click on the selected thumbnail photo below to see a full screen photo.

From the May 15, 1999 Eastern Canada Dachshund Club Annual Specialty Show:

ecdc-yofi-01tn.jpg (3410 bytes) Yoffi (Can. Ch. Dacherst's Renegade) at age 15 is the oldest veteran exhibited at the ECDC Specialty Show. Yoffi still sets up like a real trooper. (size 91K)
ecdc-stormy-02tn.gif (6805 bytes) Stormy (Can. Ch. Jordemm's Stormin' Norman) after his 5-point win -- from the Bred by Exhibitor class, he is Winner's Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed. (size 273K)

Faces around our house: December 1997

Yoffi (Can. Ch. Dacherst's Renegade) is almost 14 years old -- shown here at his favourite spot at the end of the sofa in our family room. (size 44K)
Maggie (Can. Ch. Jordemm's Black Magic) in the kitchen. (size 57K)
Marion (Jordemm's Maid Marion) is a litter-sister of Maggie and mother of Stormy. (size 89K)
Stormy (Can. Ch. Jordemm's Stormin' Norman) is almost 2 years old. (size 61K)

These are a pot pouri of photos

Marion (Jordemm's Maid Marion) at age 11; this photo was taken of her as she played with her 7-week old grandkids (see the gallery of the litter) in our back yard in September 2004. (size 324K)
Maggie (Can. Ch. Jordemm's Black Magic) is a quality speciman of the Breed. Here she is at 14 months of age winning a 5-point major at the Dachshund Club of Greater Buffalo specialty show. Maggie owns us.
Litter born September 8, 1993 at 1 day old. The dam, Dasher, and her pups Maggie (Can. Ch. Jordemm's Black Magic), Marion (Jordemm's Maid Marion), Jimmy (Jordemm's Diamond Jim), Pal (Jordemm's Paladin) and Robin (Jordemm's Robin Hood). Note the clean 2-compartment whelping box we use, which allows Mother easy access to her babies. (size 62K)
Camping at Sandbanks Provincial Park (in 1990) with Yoffi and Dasher. The ex-pen ensures that the dogs don't wander.(size 110K)
Yoffi (Can. Ch. Dacherst's Renegade), our first Dachshund and our son Jordan taken in 1985. As you can see, Yoffi is watching over our baby. (size 98K)
Pal (Jordemm's Paladin) at 20 months of age. Pal owns Lee-Ann and Michael Rogers and often visits with his in-laws, the Calverts, and TG (Jordemm's True Grit). (size 91K)
Pal and his human, Lee-Ann Rogers, when he was 10 weeks old. Pal was still with us (we don't let our pups leave until they are 12 weeks old, so that they are socialized). (size 96K)
Angel (Can. Ch. Jordemm's Naughty Angelique) at 14 months of age. Angel now owns Bruce, Susan and Laura Goldstein and lives with her uncle Digger. (size 62K)
Susan Goldstein taking a nap with her "live" blankets, Angel and Digger. (size 55K)
This is the litter born March 26, 1996 taken at 8 weeks of age. (size 314K)
This litter was born February 9, 1992 as was 6 weeks old at the time of the photo. Mother, Dasher, is shown with her 3 pups Angel (Ch. Jordemm's Naughty Angelique), TG (Jordemm's True Grit) and Fanny (Tecknique Fantasia of Jordemm). (size 77K)

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