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Over the past number of years, I and other breeders have changed our dog food trying to get the best food for our animals. When the issue of ethoxyquin as a preservative came up, I had a Dachshund who was having convulsions which were diagnosed as idiopathic epilepsy. However, a number of other factors came into play -- if it was epilepsy, why did we have hair coat loss, nails breaking and not regrowing and the premature atrophy of the iris muscles of the eyes. I came across an article re: ethoxyquin, and decided to cook my own dog food. The convusions abated and we weaned the dog off his medication. We then switched to the natural type dog foods, and after some time we had the occasional convulsion. I then came across two articles which provided the impetus to cooking my own dog food again. After reading these articles I contacted Ann Martin. This was just at the time Nature's Recipe pulled dog food contaminated with mycotoxin due to mouldy corn.

I'm posting these articles for information purposes.

In November 1997, after several years of research, Ann Martin's new book Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food (NewSage Press, $18.98 Cdn) was released.

Foods Pets Die For

Click on the book's cover (above) to go to some of the press commentary .

The Dark Side of Recyling by Keith Woods

Does Your Dog Food Bark by Ann Martin

Nature's Recipe Recall an exchange of postings on the .rec.pets.dogs.breeds Usenet newsgroup

Diamond Pet Foods Recall - On December 31, 2005, the USA Today reported that the FDA was investigating Diamond Pet Foods after 23 dogs died and 11 were ill from eating tainted food. On December 23, 2005, I received an email alert from a Dachshund Breeders' Group about the recall of aflatoxin tainted food being recalled by Diamond Pet Foods. This article was extracted from their website.

What's Really in Petfood, a report by the Animal Protection Institute (API), now called Born Free USA . This is an in-depth fully researched report.

Our Recipe for Dog Food in response to a number of enquiries we have received over the past months, a simple easy-to-make meal for your dog, which provides all the necessary nutrients

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