Litter born July 20, 2004

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A very pregnant Sally starting phase 1 of parturition (starting to have contractions). She is in the 2-chamber whelping pen.

This is the "morning after the night before". Sally is nursing her 5 pups - 1 black & tan female and 4 males (2 black & tans and 2 reds). July 21, 2004.

Pups are now about 1-1/2 days old. They are feeding voraciously and have all gained weight. July 22, 2004.

Pups are now 3 days old. Who says you can't eat lying on your back? July 23, 2004.

Pups are growing rapidly, from birth weights of 8 to 9 oz. they are now 14 to 15 oz in under 5 days. July 25, 2004.

After a feeding, the pups are taking a nap using each other for body warmth. July 25, 2004.

This "little" guy weighed 9-1/2oz when he was born 7 days ago; now he weighs 15-3/4oz. July 27, 2004.

This black and tan girl has very nice "markings". Her eyes have just opened, and like all newborns, they are blue. The eye colour will darken to a dark brown shortly. Pups now weigh about 1-1/2 lbs each. August 3, 2004.

This red boy has that sleepy look of pups whose eyes have just opened. August 3, 2004.

The face of an 18-day old pup. Pups are now starting to move around and explore the whelping box. It's almost time to remove the inside "pig rail" and put the end boards up. August 7, 2004.

The black & tan girl, to be called Jordemm's Lila-Tov, meets Kaila nose to nose! August 7, 2004.

Within minutes, the rest of the litter join in to experience their first taste in "real" dog food (a slurry made of our own recipe with added cooked rice. Mother will soon clean up their mess! August 12, 2004.

It is now day 23, and the pups are starting to develop small sharp teeth. Time for their first dog food! Here we see one of the boys wading in to be the first to taste our "slurry". August 12, 2004.

The pups are just over 3 weeks of age, and they have been moved up to the puppy pen in the kitchen. Stormy circles the puppy pen, finally getting a chance to see his "kids". August 15, 2004.

Pups are having a meal in the puppy pen. As you can see, they've grown considerably. August 15, 2004.

This black & tan pup at 3 weeks shows excellent rear angulation as he self-stacks while eating. August 15, 2004.

Pups are having their first day in the back yard. Here they are checking out the raspberry bushes after Sally had snuck in there to get away from them. September 4, 2004.

Two of the pups are running past Stormy in the yard. September 4, 2004.

Emma with one of the pups. September 4, 2004.

Pups are checking out the rhubarb plant. September 4, 2004.

Fearless, now age 8 months, was romping in the snow. March 11, 2005.

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